Yesterday was Friday, July 3 — an observed national holiday. That means a lot of people didn’t have to work. Several people called, wrote, or stopped by during the day and most made sure to tell me to enjoy my day off — or not to work too hard. A nice sentiment, but not one I can relate to. I love my job and am slightly addicted to designing things. The thought of a mandatory day off makes me shudder! I. MUST. DESIGN. SOMETHING!

Do you ever feel this way? Maybe it’s not design, but it could be writing, crafting, or whatever you enjoy. Of course, there are always too many things around the house to do and this could be a good chance to, oh, do the dishes, laundry, clean that messy counter, or go through another purge of the kids’ toys. It’s just that something inside of me screams out that I need to be designing.

Back to yesterday. Our daughter’s preschool was closed and Tom and I work from home. Our son, “Punkin,” is 10 (he’ll hate that I’m using that toddler nickname in public) and had half-day camp, but oh, what to do when “Doodlebug” is home and there’s work to do? Praise God for my darling hubby Tom, because he decided to take her grocery shopping, pick up Punkin and the neighbor boys from camp, and take them all out for lunch. JOY! I had the whole house to myself. Peace and quiet (but for the occasional scramble of dogs’ feet as they burst out the dog door to get the squirrel). It was a glorious several hours, first with my intern here and then alone with those fuzzy mutts and some good music.

Do you ever wonder if you’re a bad parent because you’d rather work than hang out watching My Little Pony with your child? I wonder that. Now, I love my kids and spending time with them, but I seriously struggle with separating wTLC-computer-my-little-ponyork and home. So far the kids don’t seem to be seriously damaged, but I’m determined to be more deliberate about my time with them. Right after I’m done with this post. Which is being written while I play My Little Pony birthday party with Doodlebug right next to my computer. 😉