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OK, so I can’t remember the last time I posted here. I’d love to post at least once a week, but designing takes so much time that I don’t know when I’d write! And there’s running the business, kids’ schedules, you know. 😉 Anyhow, I was recently interviewed by a colleague, Michael Dowling, for his newsletter, The Write Stuff. He’s a fantastic editor, ghostwriter, and publishing professional. If you’ve ever wondered whether book design is a luxury or necessity, you’ll want to read this article. http://www.michaeljdowling.com/newsletters/2014-08-three-things-success-book.html. You may want to sign up for his newsletter, too, as it always contains great info about publishing and writing.

I’d love to know your experience with book design, good or bad! And I’ll do my best to start posting here much more often. Thanks bunches and blessings to you. 🙂


Awards seals for blogHi, guys!

I often hear this question, as awards season begins and people wonder if it’s worth it to spend their money on often pricey entry fees. Our clients win national awards every year and use the new status to actively renew their promotional efforts. It won’t hurt and can help, but be wise about the categories and competitions you choose. While winners usually get some sort of PR from the sponsoring organization, you must promote the book as an award winner to truly take advantage of the honor. Many of these will provide at least finalists and winners with judges’ comments, some provide them to all entries. These insights can be invaluable to your future publishing efforts. In the end, remember that you are simply asking professionals for their opinions — some are more objective than others. 😉

If you think that your book is honestly better than the vast majority of its competitors, you should consider entering a few of these competitions. This is a list of the main competitions for small, medium, and indy publishers, with the first three plus Mom’s Choice generally being the most prestigious. There are others out there for specific genres as well.

IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards: http://www.ibpa-online.org/pubresources/benfrank.aspx
(Deadline was Dec. 31.)

ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Awards: http://www.forewordreviews.com

Independent Publisher’s IPPY awards: http://www.independentpublisher.com/ipland/ipawards.php

Midwest Independent Publishers Association (MIPA) Book Awards (regional competition): http://www.mipa.org/midwest-book-awards

Nautilus Book Awards: http://www.nautilusbookawards.com

Next Generation Indie Book Awards: http://www.indiebookawards.com

The National Indie Excellence Book Awards: http://www.indieexcellence.com

Eric Hoffer Award (along w/the Montagne Medal and da Vinci Eye also on their site): http://www.hofferaward.com

Living Now Book Awards: http://www.livingnowawards.com

USA Best Book Awards: http://www.usabooknews.com

International Book Awards: http://www.internationalbookawards.com

Mom’s Choice Awards: https://www.momschoiceawards.com/entry-categories

Do your research, produce the best books possible, and good luck! We’d love to know about your successes in the awards world! Share them here and practice your promotional bragging. 😉


Hi, guys!

This week I was asked by Marika Flatt of PR by the Book (great book publicity firm!) to write a guest post about the importance of book design. I was honored to do so. Hope you like it!


Blog | PR by the Book | PR Campaign and Media Consulting Services.

Just in case you can’t be at this huge publishing industry event, you can tune in via the TLC Graphics HelpMePublish blog at any moment and see what’s happening. Just click on the video to the right and relax in the comfort of your own home or office. 🙂 BEA Live Streaming begins Tuesday, June 5 at 8:30 am ET with BEA’s Book and Author Breakfast and continues on two live channels through the end of BEA on Thursday, June 7.

Events to be Streamed from BEA 2012

Book and Author Breakfast, Tuesday, June 5
8:00 am – 9:30 am, Special Events Hall
Stephen Colbert, JunotDiaz, Barbara Kingsolver, Jo Nesbo

Children’s Book and Author Breakfast, Wednesday, June 6
8:00 am – 9:30 am, Special Events Hall
Walter Dean Myers, Chris Colfer, John Green, Lois Lowry, Kadir Nelson

Book and Author Breakfast, Thursday, June 7
8:00 am – 9:30 am, Special Events Hall
Kirstie Alley, Michael Chabon, Zadie Smith, J.R. Moehringer

Buzz Panels During the BEA Education Program
BUZZ is BACK! BEA Editors’ Buzz, June 4, 4:15 pm – 5:30 pm & June 5, 11:00 am – 11:30 am, BEA (Young Adult) Editors’ Buzz, June 5, 10:00 am – 10:50 am & June 6, 12:00 pm – 12:30 pm, BEA (Middle Grade) Editors’ Buzz, June 6, 11:00 am – 11:50 am & June 7, 11:00 am – 11:30 am, and AAP Librarians Book Buzz, June, 5, 2:15 pm – 3:30 pm & June 6, 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm.

Key Appearances on the Author Stages on the Show Floor
Stop by the Uptown Author Stage (Booth #4576) and the Downtown Author Stage (Booth #DZ2000) to see live author interviews right on the show floor!

Here’s the link. (Wish I were more sophisticated and knew how to embed this so you could watch right on this blog page.)

This is the first year that BEA is offering this service. Let us know what you think!


Our latest interview is with children’s author and public speaker, Melissa Williams. In addition to writing several books and her relentless speaking schedule, she’s also the co-founder of The READ3Zero Non-Profit Literacy Foundation (www.READ3Zero.com), working within the community to conquer childhood illiteracy 30 minutes at a time. It’s exciting for TLC Graphics to be part of both her publishing efforts and working with Read3Zero. We want to thank Melissa for trusting us with her “babies” and for being such a joy to work with.

Melissa Williams, Longtail Publishing

Your name and company name

Melissa M. Williams with LongTale Publishing

Year founded/location/number of employees

2007/Houston, TX/2 on Staff and 10 work for hire

Publishing genre

Children’s Fiction

Number of titles

4 and 6 by the end of the year

Favorite and/or most successful titles

Iggy the Iguana has successfully gotten me into so many schools since 2008, so I can’t help but respect my very first book for where it has gotten me today. Right now the Turtle Town books are so fresh and new, I’d have to say The Inner Puka is the favorite on the shelf.

Upcoming releases

The third book in the Iggy Series, Crazy Days of 5th Grade,  The Little Miss Molly picture book, and the second book in the Turtle Town Series, The Green Room.

If not publishing full-time, what’s your other job?

Writing, teaching, public speaking at schools and literacy events and running the Non-Profit Literacy Foundation, READ3Zero.

What do you like best and least about being a small or independent publisher?

BEST: The freedom and flexibility to work with the people I choose and trust. I appreciate being involved in every side of the business and being able to work on my own projects as well as others from our children at Read3Zero. My personality as a visionary is fulfilled by owning my own business.

LEAST: In the past, work, passion, and pleasure had a tendency to cross paths and take up all of my time. I’ve gotten better at delegating, but it’s still hard to let go of doing it all and turning work off. Also having founded a non-profit for reading and writing has opened many doors at LongTale Publishing, but it has required much time and dedication.

What inspired you to publish your first book?

The story was so dear to my heart and childhood, I wanted to have control over it’s outcome.

What is your favorite/most successful marketing effort?

We do every marketing effort in the business, from social media to direct marketing, but my ultimate favorite marketing tactic is being in front of my readers, teachers, and parents. The actual author/speaker is the best marketing tool in my opinion, which is why I do so many public events, presentations, and book signings all year long. All authors should strive for WORD OF MOUTH to be their ultimate tool. And I don’t mean out of your own mouth on Facebook, I’m talking about real people meeting and talking to each other and spreading the word.

How do you get through road blocks — or writer’s block?

I get out of the uninspiring environment that is making my mind lazy. I research, travel, watch people, work all day at my favorite Greek coffee shop, READ books in my genre, chat with my artistic friends, sit at the beach and clear my mind, talk to kids about my ideas, and actually live life and never allow myself to get bored with my life. There’s no such thing as writer’s block. It’s an excuse for not wanting to reach your maximum potential. Take care of your brain children by making the time for them.

One thing you wish you had known before you began publishing:

Quality will always outweigh a “good deal.” Sometimes saving money won’t cut it. Starting a publishing company and publishing a book is an investment, so invest in the best because you will spend more money trying to go back and redo what must be fixed anyway. And DON’T think you can do it all yourself. Be honest with yourself and your own expertise. In the words of Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry, “A man’s got to know his limitations.”

One piece of good advice that you’ve received:

The best advice I ever got as a writer was to stop being a perfectionist while trying to be creative. You can’t expect creativity to be perfect or you will never finish the project. The project will present it’s true self after it gets thrown on paper, but it has to get out of your head first.

Please provide a piece of profound advice for a new author/publisher.

Mistakes are the best learning tools, so appreciate them for what they are … but so are the mistakes of others, so don’t repeat someone else’s mistake that could have been avoided. Time is still valuable.

Any other comments you’d like to make?

To be in the writing/publishing/marketing world is to be a psychologist. Never fall victim to a weak mind or routine. You should strive to learn, think outside the box, and ALWAYS put yourself in your audiences’ shoes.

Threads West series author Reid Rosenthal

Today we’re featuring Kim Haight, senior publishing assistant, of Rockin’ SR Publishing in Wyoming, and author Reid Rosenthal. This company is making big waves as a new publisher. We’re excited to see what’s in store as they continue publishing and marketing their books, especially with the Threads West series of novels. Thank you for sharing with our audience, Kim and Reid! We’re grateful for your advice and wish you much success.

What is your company name and URL?

Rockin’ SR Publishing Company

Year founded / location:

Started in 2008 / Located in Cheyenne, Wyoming


What is your publishing genre?

Kim: Excellent, tasteful fiction and non-fiction. Rockin’ SR Publishing’s copyrighted “Do This Stuff” is our current non-fiction focus. The first “Do This Stuff” book by noted author WC Jamison, “So You Want to be a Writer, Do This Stuff” was published in 2009. We also very selectively publish fine fiction with a special bend toward Westerns and Romance. We published beginning in digital form in August of 2010, and in print on October 12, 2010, Threads West, the namesake of the six-book series Threads West, An American Saga by Reid Lance Rosenthal. This debut novel has gone off the charts in sales, captured rankings as high as 173 on Amazon, number 17 overall on Barnes & Noble, and has been a number one bestseller going on 10 weeks in a number of categories and genres including: Romance, Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, Western, and others. Kindle sales have the top two to seven percent of all Kindle sales (600,000 titles). Rockin’ SR just recently—about two weeks ago—got the Nook version of the book on Barnes & Noble which is also gaining momentum rapidly.


How many titles have you published?

Kim: Eight

What is your favorite or most successful title?

Kim: We’ve been pleased with all our publishing efforts however, a special mention must go to multiple #1 Best Seller, multiple award winner, Threads West which has already been a runaway national bestseller for now approaching three months and is already on its third printing of books. In addition, Threads West won its first competition and was named Winner in the Western category, and Finalist (runner-up) in the Romance category by the prestigious 2010 USA Book Review Awards in October 2010.

Do you have any upcoming releases?

Kim: Book two of the Threads West, An American Saga series, Maps of Fate, in February/March of 2011. Book Three of that same series, North to Wyoming is slated to be released in late summer 2011. Also in the schedule for 2011 publication is the next book in the Do This Stuff series. Several other manuscripts are under consideration.

What do you like best/least about being a small publisher?

Kim: There are, of course, drawbacks to being small and independent, however, the advantages far outweigh the detriments. One-on-one contact with our authors and others in the industry is gratifying. Hands-on every step of the book process brings great satisfaction as does the success of our books and authors. Though we do not have the reach of big publishers, the one-on-one service we provide and our ability to carefully select and shepherd titles from the limited submissions we decide to review is likewise gratifying.

What is one thing you wished you’d known before you started publishing?

Kim: How complicated, sometimes glacier-like, and detail oriented the publishing business is, particularly if you’re going to for a high-level service to both your products and your authorship, publish first-class material with first-class product design, distribution, and marketing. In that regard the input of an author is critical and active marketing by our authors is mandatory. In return, we offer flexibility in our publishing contracts rarely (if ever) found at most other publishers and certainly not through any larger publishers. We want our authors to succeed!








What is one piece of good advice that you have received?

Kim: Market, Market, Market, and Market!

What is one piece of good advice that you would give to a new author or publisher?

Reid: To the authors, get it written! Don’t believe for one minute that when you put the last period at the end of last sentence you’re done with your book. The fun is just beginning, as is the work.

Kim: For other publishers, we have no advice. Every day is still a learning experience for us. In fact, we are quite sure will be able to make that exact same comment 20 years from now!


If you have questions for TLC Graphics or any of our featured authors, please send an e-mail to: Tamara@tlcgraphics.com with “Book Blog Interview” in the subject line. Blessings to you!

Non-fiction author Kathleen Rehl, Rehl Financial Advisors

Today we’re featuring author and Certified Financial Planner™ Kathleen Rehl from Florida. She is passionate about helping widows make progress and move forward positively in their new financial situation. Thank you for sharing with our audience, Kathleen! We’re grateful for your advice and wish you much success.

What is your name and what is your company’s URL?

Kathleen M. Rehl, Rehl Financial Advisors, www.KathleenRehl.com and http://www.RehlMoney.com.

Year founded / location / number of employees:

Started in 1996 / Located in Land O’Lakes, FL / Two wonderful part-time contract workers. One has been with me for almost 9 years and the other for 2 years.

What is your publishing genre?


How many titles have you published?

Also edited and was contributing writer for Planning for the Times of Your Life: 45 Great Financial Planning Ideas (1999).

What is your favorite or most successful title?

Moving Forward on Your Own: A Financial Guidebook for Widows (2010)

What is your upcoming release?

Nothing new for right now! I still have lots of work to do with marketing my guidebook for widows. 🙂

What is your other job?

My “day” job is being a certified financial planner.

What do you like best/least about being a small publisher.

The best part was being able to create the book the way I wanted to. Conversely, it was also difficult figuring everything out on my own. For example, I did a lot of research before deciding to publish my book independently, rather than with a commercial or a “vanity” publisher. Finding the right team to make this book happen was a gift from God, following much prayer. Once in place, I relied on their judgment for guidance on specific decisions to make.

What inspired you to publish your book?

That first book, written more than a decade ago, was created for a different reason than my recent book. The prior book was a group effort by colleagues, to help us share our joint knowledge with clients and others.

I wrote my financial guidebook for widows after my husband’s death. I needed to make something positive out of that terrible loss. Writing the book to help other widows assisted my own recovery. Yes, it was a cathartic exercise for me. Perhaps it was also a way to pay tribute to Tom.

So many widows feel in a fog following the death of their spouse, often unsure of what to do and what not do to avoid big mistakes. I’ve heard stories directly from many widows who were taken advantage of my unscrupulous individuals. I wanted to reach out and help my “widowed sisters” to understand their money matters better and to begin feeling more self-confident about their financial abilities.

The book presents important information about money in an easy-to-understand manner, along with issues of the heart, to help a widow face her changed life ahead.

What is your favorite/most successful marketing effort?

I’ve had good success selling books when I’m invited to speak about widow’s financial issues and the financial guidebook, addressing professional conference sessions, community events organized by church groups, etc. Word of mouth sharing also helps greatly.

So far a lot of books have been purchased by the U.S. Army, which wasn’t even on my radar screen when I wrote the guidebook. This started with a contact I made a year before the book was printed. A financial advisor at one of the Army posts in Colorado requested a review copy of the book when he heard I was writing this. When I mailed it to him months later, upon completion, he loved it! After ordering the book for use with widows he assisted through his Survivor Outreach Services division, he personally e-mailed his colleagues across the country to let them know I would send a complimentary review copy if they also wanted to consider the book for use with widows they served. Many contacted me and several other Army posts ordered the guidebook.

How do you get through writer’s block?

I tried to write some each day or every other day. Sometimes that wasn’t possible with my day job’s responsibilities. So then I would double up time on weekends.

What is one thing you wished you’d known before you started publishing?

Marketing the book is just as much work as writing the book! But that’s OK. It’s quite interesting to build the web of connections that assist in spreading the word about this publication. I’m not shy about telling people about the guidebook, and I always carry a few copies in the car with me when I’m out and about in case someone wants to buy a book.

What is one piece of good advice that you have received?

It helped me to have an “accountability partner.” This friend would ask me each week, “How’s the book coming along, Kathleen?” I knew he would check in with me again the next week, and this helped to keep me writing.

He’s also encouraging my marketing efforts now and is interested in my progress reports. It helps to know someone cares.

What is one piece of good advice that you would give to a new author or publisher?

Follow your dream of making the book a reality. Just do it! For me, prayer helped greatly, too. It takes tenacity, and it is worth it!

Do you have any final comments?

My clients love that I’m a published author! Because of this book, I am positioning myself to do more public speaking and writing during 2011. The book has given me the platform and additional credibility I needed to make this happen.


If you’d like to be considered for an interview by TLC Graphics, please send an e-mail to: Tamara@tlcgraphics.com with Book Blog Interview in the subject line. Blessings to you!

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