Threads West series author Reid Rosenthal

Today we’re featuring Kim Haight, senior publishing assistant, of Rockin’ SR Publishing in Wyoming, and author Reid Rosenthal. This company is making big waves as a new publisher. We’re excited to see what’s in store as they continue publishing and marketing their books, especially with the Threads West series of novels. Thank you for sharing with our audience, Kim and Reid! We’re grateful for your advice and wish you much success.

What is your company name and URL?

Rockin’ SR Publishing Company

Year founded / location:

Started in 2008 / Located in Cheyenne, Wyoming


What is your publishing genre?

Kim: Excellent, tasteful fiction and non-fiction. Rockin’ SR Publishing’s copyrighted “Do This Stuff” is our current non-fiction focus. The first “Do This Stuff” book by noted author WC Jamison, “So You Want to be a Writer, Do This Stuff” was published in 2009. We also very selectively publish fine fiction with a special bend toward Westerns and Romance. We published beginning in digital form in August of 2010, and in print on October 12, 2010, Threads West, the namesake of the six-book series Threads West, An American Saga by Reid Lance Rosenthal. This debut novel has gone off the charts in sales, captured rankings as high as 173 on Amazon, number 17 overall on Barnes & Noble, and has been a number one bestseller going on 10 weeks in a number of categories and genres including: Romance, Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, Western, and others. Kindle sales have the top two to seven percent of all Kindle sales (600,000 titles). Rockin’ SR just recently—about two weeks ago—got the Nook version of the book on Barnes & Noble which is also gaining momentum rapidly.


How many titles have you published?

Kim: Eight

What is your favorite or most successful title?

Kim: We’ve been pleased with all our publishing efforts however, a special mention must go to multiple #1 Best Seller, multiple award winner, Threads West which has already been a runaway national bestseller for now approaching three months and is already on its third printing of books. In addition, Threads West won its first competition and was named Winner in the Western category, and Finalist (runner-up) in the Romance category by the prestigious 2010 USA Book Review Awards in October 2010.

Do you have any upcoming releases?

Kim: Book two of the Threads West, An American Saga series, Maps of Fate, in February/March of 2011. Book Three of that same series, North to Wyoming is slated to be released in late summer 2011. Also in the schedule for 2011 publication is the next book in the Do This Stuff series. Several other manuscripts are under consideration.

What do you like best/least about being a small publisher?

Kim: There are, of course, drawbacks to being small and independent, however, the advantages far outweigh the detriments. One-on-one contact with our authors and others in the industry is gratifying. Hands-on every step of the book process brings great satisfaction as does the success of our books and authors. Though we do not have the reach of big publishers, the one-on-one service we provide and our ability to carefully select and shepherd titles from the limited submissions we decide to review is likewise gratifying.

What is one thing you wished you’d known before you started publishing?

Kim: How complicated, sometimes glacier-like, and detail oriented the publishing business is, particularly if you’re going to for a high-level service to both your products and your authorship, publish first-class material with first-class product design, distribution, and marketing. In that regard the input of an author is critical and active marketing by our authors is mandatory. In return, we offer flexibility in our publishing contracts rarely (if ever) found at most other publishers and certainly not through any larger publishers. We want our authors to succeed!








What is one piece of good advice that you have received?

Kim: Market, Market, Market, and Market!

What is one piece of good advice that you would give to a new author or publisher?

Reid: To the authors, get it written! Don’t believe for one minute that when you put the last period at the end of last sentence you’re done with your book. The fun is just beginning, as is the work.

Kim: For other publishers, we have no advice. Every day is still a learning experience for us. In fact, we are quite sure will be able to make that exact same comment 20 years from now!


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