Hi, all!

We finally have a copy of Harper Collins’ new book, “Logolicious” that includes a logo we (Monica) designed for the book series “Austin and Charlie” by Paw Print Publications. What an honor to be “selected from more than 4,000 entries by talented designers from around the world”.

According to the author, Peleg Top (www.PelegTop.com), “the 13 judges are internationally recognized leaders in the design industry.” In the Introduction, Peleg states, “This book contains more than just beautiful images. It’s a compilation of hundreds of examples of high-level thinking.”

This book is a great inspiration to designers with any level of experience. The list price is $19.99, but you can purchase it for $13.59 on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Logolicious-Peleg-Top/dp/0061970123. (We get nothing but exposure from the sales of this book.)

Way to go, Monica and illustrator Ari Elsammak! We’re proud of you. 🙂