You have or are starting a publishing company. Does it have an identity? What does your company look like when you advertise, use social media, send packages, contact buyers, print books? Perhaps you’re starting a new series of books. That series will benefit greatly from a logo to brand each volume as part of that line of books. You need a logo and it should reflect what your company or book series is all about. Some logos very literally illustrate the entity’s name. Others reflect the nature of the company/series. You’ll see logos that use type only and others with a combination of type and illustration. However you slice it, the logo must be professional, concise, work well large or small and in color as well as black and white.Book Publishing Logos by TLC Graphics

A logo created by one of our design geniuses, Monica Thomas, was just selected from thousands of entries to appear in a new book published by Harper Collins called “Logoliscious.” We’re thrilled! The logo is for the children’s book series, “Austin and Charlie” chronicling the adventures of two dogs through cities of the world. The company selected “13 of the top names in the design world” to judge and they thought Monica’s design was worthy. (Huge round of applause for her goes here!) You’ll find more information about the upcoming logo compilation here:

Be aware of the message you send to others via your company and product identity. Nike, Coca-Cola, the Dummies books, and Harry Potter sure do! They may be known as “big-wigs” but your customers are no less important than theirs. In fact, they may be one and the same. 🙂