Series covers designed by TLC Graphics

Designing a successful series is all about planning — for the publisher and designer. This task can be an added challenge for your designer, as graphic elements and typography must be created to specifically work for future volumes.
At the beginning of the project, your designer will want to know the longest and shortest titles in the series to ensure titles of every size will fit in their allotted space. Color schemes will be developed. Each book can carry an identical color application or the books’ colors may vary while staying within the determined color palette. A series must be visually branded. To achieve this, often a logo for the series is created as seen in the examples above. Finding several photos or illustrations of the same style, shape, and/or size will also be important for future volumes. Design parameters are more strict when creating a series, but with thorough planning, your volume of books can reflect a valuable and saleable brand, asking customers to keep coming back for more.

By alerting your designer up front that your book is or may be part of a series, you can ensure branding consistency from book to book. You should save money on the design of each book cover after the first, as adapting the pre-planned design will take less time than starting from scratch or trying to adapt an established “one-time-use” design to a series.

– Tami