"The Mystery Shopper's Manual" before and after cover designs

What happens when you want to take your back-of-the-room-only seller to a more mainstream market? It usually needs a redesign! That’s something Cathy Stucker knew when she came to us looking for a new cover. The original had all the right elements—prominent title, readable subtitle and author name, accompanying graphic—but there was nothing unique about the cover and it lacked dynamics. It needed an upgrade to reach a more competitive market.

We gave the new cover a fresh look with retro art, typefaces, and color palette to attract female shoppers—the majority of the book’s buyers. Each element, with its relative size and placement, work together to attract and move your eye through the cover’s space and directly off the right side of the page, causing you to open it up and see what’s inside. In the words of a Barnes & Noble rep, the new cover gives the book “curb appeal.” This cover is fun, reflecting the subject matter and bringing all-important enthusiasm to its potential readers.

– Tami